At GoTango we repair gadgets which are in warranty as well the ones out of warranty. Currently we serve Mobiles and Tablets only. Our product helps people to book their faulty gadgets for repair with minimal effort through our website. One of our Tango then picks up the gadget from the customer’s preferred location, date and time and will submit it to the centre as chosen by the customer. Customer can choose to get his gadget repaired from authorized service centre(ASC) or at in-house GoTango workshop. Once the device gets repaired at the centre then one of our tango delivers it back to the customer safely and reliably. By using our service people can get their device repaired without getting involved in the tiring commute, confusion, follow up hassle, wait of long hours in centre and many other hassle which arise during the process. As gadget repair market is highly unorganised GoTango aims to be the centralised platform for all the major brands. User has the option to get a quote of repair from our website in which he selects his brand, model and defect and can know the estimate of repair with just a click of buttons. We provide standby mobile till the time user’s phone is in repair.

  • Major Highlights :

    • Free pick up and drop
    • In warranty repairs
    • Experienced technicians at GoTango workshop
    • Get a quote with just few clicks
    • Customised packing and safe handling
    • Quality Spares and long lasting repairs.
    • Trained field executives to handle your gadgets effectively