5 Things to Do if You Have a Cracked Phone Screen

You’re walking home texting someone. Suddenly you slip/ dash into another person. As your phone leaves your hand and crashes on the pavement, the nightmare of having a cracked screen becomes a reality. Be it a single crack or one looking like a spider’s web, here’s what you can do in such a scenario.

  • Use Tape

    Sometimes the crack on your screen may not be that bad. If only the glass is broken, you can use some transparent tape to stick the pieces of glass in place and for preventing the cracks from increasing.

  • DIY

    If you feel you are good in repairing things, you could try repairing your phone’s broken screen yourself. There are many DIY tutorials available online for this. A good tutorial link is:

  • Take it to a Cell Phone Repair Shop/ Service Centre.

    You can get your phone repaired at a service centre or at the local repair shop. If you are too busy to take your phone to an authorized service centre, GoTango can do it for you with its fleet of hardworking and trustworthy Tangos.

  • Get a Second Hand Phone

    True, at times it may be just better to get a new phone. However, if you are planning to get your old phone repaired, get another temporary phone to make sure you are not cut off from your contacts. Ask friends if they have an old phone lying about or browse around sites like Ebay or OLX. (Tip: If you are buying the phone from an unknown person, make sure it is working properly before purchasing.) You could also use the standby phone which GoTango provides when your phone goes in for repairs.

  • Trade in Your Old Phone (Or Reuse it)

    If you do not want to repair your phone’s screen, or if it has been damaged beyond repair, you can always trade it in. Some stores do accept old phones (through the amount you get on it will depend on the state of your phone.) If you do not want to trade it in, you can always use your old phone for other purposes like a paper weight, TV remote or music player.

Do you know of any other way to cope with a broken phone screen?

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