• Don’t Let New Age Connectivity Disconnect You from the Real World

    Imagine the scenario, you’re driving. The rain is pattering on your windscreen and you are humming your favourite tune. Suddenly there is a ‘ping’ from that device which we (very fondly) call a cell phone. The hands on the steering wheel start itching to read that text message. You look away for a fraction of a second and…. (Yelling Sound). You almost hit the divider!

    While this incident may not always be true, it is getting pretty common. With the advent of new technologies, the world is becoming smaller. It is now possible to connect with family, friends and business prospects all over the world. Thus its hardly surprising that we use our phones just about everywhere.

    The Nation Safety Council of America states that in 2013, 21% accidents were caused due to the use of cell phones. This means 1.2 million wrecks and 341,000 crore wrecks were caused due to talking on the phone and texting respectively. On an average, you take your eyes off the road for 5 seconds while texting. At a speed of 55mph, it means you are driving through an entire football field without looking where you are going!

    Sahil quickly rushed to her room, found the phone under the mattress and left for the hospital. On the way, he switched the phone on to see whether he could find out what was so special about it, that his mother would ask for it in her final moments. Unfortunately, she had set a password for her phone. He tried thinking what it could be and finally gave up.

    The increasing dependence on phones, has led people to walk about as through it were glued to their ears. The incidents in the below video might seem all too familiar.

    “Your father had made copies of all the property papers” she said. “He uploaded all of them in the drive. He also uploaded the bank records and his will. You will find the lawyer’s number in my contact list.” She said in a whisper as she gasped for breath. “Now that I have handed it to you three, I can die in peace.” Just then, the nurse came in to give Aarti her medicine. “Visiting hours over” she said. Her children left the room quietly as the medicines took effect and made her dose off to sleep.

  • How often has it been when you have found yourself in a similar situation? While using phones cannot be avoided, using it at the cost of yourself or others can be fatal. So, while walking about its best to keep looking up and not be too engrossed in your phone. If you are driving, ALWAYS make sure your eyes are on the road and if you are doing nothing else but are on your phone, well, I cannot advise you against that.