Did you break your phone? Have you thought of buying a new one? What are you looking for in your new phone? Buying a new phone does cause some excitement. But, have you considered repairing your old phone? Not letting go of your old phone does have its own benefits. Read on to find out more about them:

  • It’s (Mostly) Cheaper

    Nowadays a lot of high end phones are becoming more costly. In addition to their price, a lot of phones have an added tax or import duty on them. If the damage on your old phone is not too much, you can actually save some money by getting it repaired. (or repairing it yourself!).

  • Saves Some Time

    Believe it or not, getting your phone repaired may save you more time than actually buying one. We all know how important it is for you to have the right phone. This needs some amount of research, which can be time consuming. Companies like, lets you save time by sending their Tangos to pick up and drop your phone to your door step. They also provide you with a temporary phone, so that you are not disconnected from the world.

  • The Constantly Evolving Market

    While that ad on TV showing off the features of a new phone may make you want to buy it. Don’t forget that the market keeps on changing. What features some phones show off now, will become extremely common among other phones tomorrow. Innovation and competition in the smartphone market is extremely high. Hence, waiting for a better phone does make sense.

  • Ease of Use

    I know that this is not a very strong argument to convince someone to repair his/ her phone. However, it is true that with the high number of added features, some phones are just not that easy to operate. They take some time to get used to. Having had your old phone for quite some time, should enable you to use it with ease. This should save you a great deal of time and energy, especially when you have to send that quick text or email.

  • Always of Use

    Just in case you do buy a new phone, still, get your old phone repaired. Having an extra phone around always comes in handy, especially if your new phone also breaks or gets spoilt. With this, you can ensure that you are always connected and can perform your daily phone related tasks without any hindrance.

Well, I hope that the above five points helped you make your decision of repairing your old phone. Have you ever considered repairing your old phone for any other reason (apart from the above)?.