• Scene: Hospital room

    Aarti was lying on the bed, the oxygen mask covering her face as she took one painful breath after another. Her son and two daughters stood around the bed, ready to fulfil her every final wish. Slowly she opened her eyes. “Maa,” her son said leaning over her. “Is there anything you want us to get you?” “My- my phone” she replied in a faint whisper. Her children exchanged puzzled looks. “But why do want your phone?” asked her younger daughter.

    Aarti closed her eyes and tried to reply but was too weak to speak. “Dipti, look after maa while I go and get her phone” Her son said looking at his sister. He left the room sending a quick text to his boss as to why he wouldn’t be able to come to work. Dipti sat besides her mother, showing her the dupatta she was embroidering. She rewound the YouTube video she had been watching to show her mother how easy it was to learn embroidery from the internet. Aarti could not be prouder on seeing that her daughter had learned something which she herself had found so difficult to learn. She sighed remembering the days her mother used to make her sit and learn all the house work.

    Meanwhile, Sahil, Aarti’s son reached home and went to Aarti’s room to get her phone. Not seeing it anywhere, he called his wife. “Sheila! Do you know where maa may have kept her phone?” “She used to always carry her phone with her. Did you check under her mattress? I used to see her hiding it there whenever she went for a bath. Lord knows what gold was there in that phone that she kept it so safely,” was the reply.

    Sahil quickly rushed to her room, found the phone under the mattress and left for the hospital. On the way, he switched the phone on to see whether he could find out what was so special about it, that his mother would ask for it in her final moments. Unfortunately, she had set a password for her phone. He tried thinking what it could be and finally gave up.

    He reached the hospital ward to find his mother and sisters watching a newly released serial on his sister’s phone. “Maa, I’ve got it” he said handing her the phone. She smiled as she took it with a shaking hand. She slowly typed in the password and opened an app. She made a sign for her children to come nearer.

    “Your father had made copies of all the property papers” she said. “He uploaded all of them in the drive. He also uploaded the bank records and his will. You will find the lawyer’s number in my contact list.” She said in a whisper as she gasped for breath. “Now that I have handed it to you three, I can die in peace.” Just then, the nurse came in to give Aarti her medicine. “Visiting hours over” she said. Her children left the room quietly as the medicines took effect and made her dose off to sleep.