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Possibly it is the hardware or software issue that remains as an obstruction while you utilize your laptop. In the event that you have just remained in the long service center’s queue hanging tight for your turn but returned with hardly a penny, we without a doubt have a fix for you. GoTango’s laptop repair is a stage made for the customer’s help which you can contact any day for complete solutions.

Why pick GoTango for laptop repair?

When we experience motherboard issues, or overheating issues, we curse the maker instead of breaking down what has really occurred. We have set of skilled technician and software specialist from various specialized divisions working for complete customer assistance. How about we look at why you ought to pick us among our rivals –

  1. Aims at 100% satisfaction: The laptop is portable and composed and requires the assistance of a skilled technician at whatever point it faces an issue. In the event that your issue set aside a long opportunity to determine and you get irritated, we will deal with and resolve it in a quiet and formed way. We go for consumer loyalty on all counts considered and won’t cut the call until the point that a question is completely settled.

  2. Quick Assistance: Once you call at our repair center, you will be helped by an expert quickly. We offer the services of live chat and remote help alongside call back service, which will always be assisted by a skilled laptop technician. The arrangement will achieve your doorstep in twinkling of an eye or will call you back after profoundly examining the issue.

  3. Affordable services: Are you strained that the fix would slacken your pocket? Pluck out this issue as we charge a sensible cost from the customers. Need not stress in the event that you are conveying a major issue, we offer the services of pick and drop for settling the damage in the workstation. After your laptop is repaired it will reach to you in working condition matched with your satisfaction within 2-3 business days.
What are the issues with laptop?
  • Broken hardware (LCD screen, body damage, keyboard, and mouse)
  • Display issues due to liquid spill 
  • Overheating and charging issues
  • Slow performance
  • Noisy or broken fan
  • Cannot connect any external port
  • Unable to hear any sound from the PC
  • Motherboard failure
  • memory issues
  • BSOD mistake

Hope you read about our services and facilitation and now it is the time to get a solution. Get in touch with gotango on 8722229204 who is available for its troubled users all throughout the year.


OnePlus ushered the idea of ‘flagship killers’. Xiaomi redefined budget and mid-ranged smartphones. Asus as usual targeted consumers across budgets. It wasn’t until 2018 that Xiaomi and Asus decided to join the flagship killer party. The new smartphones from them have been priced extra aggressively to attract as much attention as possible. Xiaomi to be specific priced its brand new POCO F1 at significantly lower prices than both Asus ZenFone 5Z and OnePlus 6. It’s literally unbeatable as far as pricing is concerned. To be honest, it has made life harder for OnePlus who was gradually rising cost over the years. Let’s see how the offering from Xiaomi stacks up against the other two.  Processor: All three of our competitors have cutting edge Octa-core Snapdragon 845 processor at their heart. On paper, the devices look pretty similar. So we need to look at the benchmarks to pick up the ultimate beast. While Both POCO F1 an OnePlus 6 had near identical scores, Asus ZenFone 5Z outscored them both in Single Core and Multi-Core performance. Asus Zenfone 5Z: Single Core – 2471 Multi Core – 9209 POCO F1: Single Core – 2451 Multi Core – 8998 OnePlus 6: Single Core – 2423 Multi Core – 8884 Winner: Asus Zenfone 5Z. Note that these are synthetic benchmarks. So you won’t be noticing the difference in day to day usage. Operating system Again all three run on Google’s Android Oreo OS out of the box. But the difference lies in the skin these OEMs put atop it. Amongst all three, only OnePlus 6 provides you near stock Android experience with handy tweaks every here and there in its Oxygen OS. POCO F1 ships with Xiaomi’s popular MIUI meanwhile the Zenfone 5z runs on ZenUI. Winner: It depends. Some like the clean stock UI and some prefer heavy customization. As far as I am concerned, OnePlus wins this round. Display All three devices here follow Apple’s lead and come with the infamous notch atop their displays. In size, they all measure 6.2 inches. The screen resolution of them is full HD+ (1080×2246 pixels) and screen-to-body-ration is around 83%. Coming to the quality of the displays, OnePlus 6 is significantly better than the rest. While both POCO F1 and Zenfone 5z have LCD IPS level displays, the OnePlus 6 sports the Optic AMOLED display. Winner: Obviously it’s OnePlus 6. Camera: This is where these three pretty much differ from each other. Xiaomi Poco F1: Front Camera: 20MP with f/2.0 aperture with EIS and AI mode. Rear Camera: 12MP with f/1.9 aperture + 5MP monochrome camera. OnePlus 6: Front Camera: 16MP with f/2.0 aperture with EIS. Rear Camera: 16MP with f/1.7 aperture + 20MP camera with f/1.7 aperture. Asus ZenFone 5Z: Front Camera: 8MP with f/2.0 aperture with EIS and 84-degree FoV. Rear Camera: AI-powered 12MP with f/1.8 aperture + 8MP camera with 120-degree FoV. Winner: On paper, the POCO F1 has better front shooter than OnePlus 6 and Zenfone 5z meanwhile OnePlus 6 packs stuffs most pixels in its rear cam. We can’t have a winner here just from the numbers. You need to check camera samples to get a clear idea of the ultimate winner. Battery: In POCO F1, Xiaomi continues its tradition of packing the best in class 4000mAh battery life which is straight 700mAh more than the 3300mAh batteries in both OnePlus 6 and Zenfone 5z. This ensures that the POCO F1 keeps you away from the charger most! Coming to charging technologies, POCO comes with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support meanwhile OnePlus has Dash Charging and Zenfone 5z has its proprietary AI-based fast charging system. So all three device are going to recharge with the span of one and a half hours. Winner: We know it’s the POCO F1 here. Other Internals: All three smartphones come in 2 RAM variants and 3 storage variants as follows: 6GB RAM + 64 GB Storage, 64 GB RAM + 128 GB Storage & 8GB RAM + 256 GB Storage. Price: Across storage and RAM variants, POCO F1 has the best pricing among the three. In fact, OnePlus and Asus are not even close. Considering Xiaomi’s insane fan base in India, the POCO F1 has the potential to outsell even the OnePlus 6. The pricing are as follows: Xiaomi Poco F1: 6GB RAM + 64GB (Rs 20,999), 6GB RAM + 128GB (Rs 23,999) and 8GB RAM + 256GB (Rs 28,999). OnePlus 6: 6GB RAM+64GB (Rs 34,999), 8GB RAM+128GB (Rs 39,999) and 8GB RAM+256GB (Rs 43,999). Asus ZenFone 5Z: 6GB RAM + 64GB (Rs 29,999), 6GB RAM + 128GB (Rs 32,999) and 8GB RAM + 256GB (Rs 36,999). The ultimate winner: It’s really difficult to opt one. All three devices provide amazing performance for what you pay. When it all comes down to cost, POCO F1 is the way to go. If Asus distinguished itself by offering flagship performance at a lower price than OnePlus, Xiaomi blew them both out of the water. The price to performance ratio in case of the latter is simply unmatchable. If you are looking for any kind of diagnosis, repair, replacement, fast fixing your phone, contact Gotango – More Life to Your Device, & our Tango will help you in keeping your device just like new.

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The legacy of Motorola dates back to 1928. Formed in the Silicon Valley, the corporation has managed to become a worldwide success. It has manufactured general consumer electronics over the years which have been critically 
acclaimed for their industry leading quality. The wide range of products it has manufactured include but are not limited to televisions, tablet computers, mobile phone, smartphones, microprocessors and networking systems. 
As of late, their primary focus has been manufacturing Android smartphones and wearables. The smartphones range from affordable entry-levels to premium flagship. The company is known for shipping every device with stock Android alongside useful tweaks here and there for your convenience. It also means you get regular security & OS updates and stay up to date. So if you are someone who prefers clutter free and clean experience, Motorola is the way to go. Apart from the software department, Motorola provides you with its unique Moto Mods which are extremely popular among the Moto users.  

Motorola Mobile Service @ GoTango: If you own a Motorola smartphone and are facing issues, GoTango is here to help. You don’t need to look for Motorola mobile service centres anymore. We offer convenient doorstep pickup and delivery. We offer free inspection, onsite repair, best price free pickup & drop and much more. The parts we use are 100% genuine and are provided with warranty worth 6 months so that your device works the way it’s supposed to. Alongside these, we also provide you with a standby smartphone during repair for your undisturbed workflow.

Services GoTango Offers for Motorola include Touch & LCD Repair (Cheapest screen replacement guaranteed) Water Damage Repair Diagnostic Battery Replacement Glass/ Touchscreen Repair Charging Problem Repair Headphone Jack Repair Software Flash, Frame & Housing Replacement Camera Repair Sensor Repair Mic Repair Speaker Repair Moreover for any kind of diagnosis, repair, replacement, fast fixing your iPhone or iPad, contact Gotango – More Life to Your Device, & our Tango will help you in keeping your device just like new.

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There are many activities which you perform on your Android on daily basis thinking that this will make your phone work fast & better. You want to keep your smartphones running at the best speed, keeping everything fix & hope that this will increase your Android phone’s life & need less repair. But is your efforts really working? Or are they making your smartphone to loose it’s performance each day, bit by bit. Here we are listed the TOP 10 MOST PERFORMED user activities that are actually making your phone sick.

1. Installing Apps From Unknown Sources

Never ever ever install applications from unknown sources unless you are really sure what you are doing. There are chances of malicious code which can take data from your mobile. Install all applications just from Google Play Store. There are around 2 million applications on play store & I doubt that you won’t get anything from that huge list.

2. Killing Apps From Recent Apps Menu

The most common notion of killing, clearing or closing apps every minute, thinking that it will make your phone faster, is a biggest myth. One must not be doing it since android is smart enough to manage the memory and make space for new app launched. What happens is when you kill any app and launch it again, it starts from scratch. This takes a lot of more memory consumption, which in turn also hits on battery and processor performance.

3. Using An Antivirus Software

As soon as people take new phone, they start thinking about best antivirus to install in their phones. Thinking that this will keep strong security for their phone which is really not needed. If you use antivirus on computer then it makes sense but on mobile phone it is not required at all as long as you are downloading the apps from trusted sources. Anti-virus can harm your processor as well as decrease the performance of memory & battery.

4. Using Battery Savers

Everyone wants to save battery and you know what battery saver does, this does exactly what has been mentioned on point 2. It keeps on killing apps every now and then. Though it does some basic things like switching apps off when not in use like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, which even you can do. For this you don’t need an extra app. Is your battery life decreased? Get replaced it here at affordable cost.

5. Installing Fake Apps

There are so many fake apps available around, like when government introduces new apps and you search on play store you will get 100 similar apps which does not even work, worse they can harm your phone badly. There are so many apps which claims to even do hardware-dependent upgrades, I mean how could it be. Still you can see millions downloads for such fake apps. So beware, these kinds of apps may not only harm your phone but can leak private data or showers unwanted ads.

6. Clearing Cache Memory

Don’t keep on clearing cache memory using any cache cleaner. Caches are good for revisiting the data through web pages or apps like google maps, Instagram, Facebook etc. Moreover, it also saves your data and improves the experience of the app as well as mobile phone. If you really running out of the memory then you can go to settings and clear storage manually.

7. Trusting Fake Messages

WhatsApp is another tool which is used for more bad than good. People keep on sending fake messages on WhatsApp eg. “install this app and earn that” or “get free something” etc, please avoid all these clicks because it is going to harm your Android phone. If any company promotional messages is not coming from official channels then never bother to click on any of such links. Companies will update any promotions on their app or website and you can avail their benefits direct from source.

8. Rooting without Knowing

Don’t root your phone if you don’t know what & why of it. Just thinking that rooting is cool & I should do, can create many problems or can even brick the mobile. If you really know about rooting and can use it wisely then go for it or else it is a BIG NO. If your phone got bricked then you can get it repaired here.

9. Ignoring App Permissions

Be wise while accepting the app permissions. When you install any app it asks for permission for example, while sending a WhatsApp voice message it needs to have audio permission, and it is genuine soALLOW it. But if a torch application asks for GPS permission and you know that it does need not to know your location, in such case just DENY it. It can use the data from your android mobile and can misuse it. You can anytime go and change the permissions from Settings and keep your data safe.

10. Not Restarting Your Phone

If you really want to use of phone for long time then you should make sure to restart it for a healthy use once in while. Like weekly once or twice. This will let it get refreshed once in a while and give itself a fresh start. It will clear all junks, pending processes & other non-view issues which can convert in permanent defect on long run.

You can make better use of your android phone by following above mentioned points. You will not only have a better experience, but also protect yourself, your device & your privacy, if you follow these points. Anyway, choice is yours and you can refrain from getting irritated with phone hang, irritating ads and several other things.

Moreover for any kind of diagnosis, repair, replacement, fast fixing your phone, contact Gotango – More Life to Your Device, & our Tango will help you in keeping your device just like new.

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